Out of this World earrings


This whole collection was very inspired by my childhood fave - Lis@ Fr@nk (replaced the a's so they don't sue me). I was obsessed with their out of this world styles and wanted to recreate some with earrings. 

These alien pieces come in a few variations:

  1. Alien Hoops - simple 3/4" hoops with the classic alien face. 2" in height including hardware.
  2. Mini aliens from planet pink - an even cuter and smaller version of the alien face, with pink planet + small huggie hoop. 1.75" in height, including hardware.
  3. Stud 2 pack - Get the alien face and pink planet as small studs. Each between .5-.75" in height.
  4. Stud 4 pack - all the out of this world shapes, featured in a 4 pack of small studs. Each between .5-.75" in height. 

Each pair is handmade from polymer clay, with a resin finish for durability and gloss. Topped with gold-plated hypoallergenic (nickel free) studs. 

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