The individualistic nature of the system we live in often leaves many without basics, let alone the additional resources needed to organize against injustice. You Are Hot Stuff believes in the power of community to build solidarity with and support those most impacted by systemic oppression. 
That's why in 2020, we led a few mutual efforts to raise funds for organizations doing the work, first in June/July--during the midst of massive protests against racial injustice--and again in October. 

Summer Mutual Aid efforts 

As protests led by BLM were unfolding over the country, we wanted to find a way to transparently give back. So, taking inspiration from other creatives, we started a campaign through Instagram. First, we compiled a list of Black and/or Trans led community organizations and encouraged folks to donate to them, with a catch. Any follower who DM'd us a recent donation receipt of $25 or more received a pair of earrings at random from our Lab Collection. Those who contributed $40 or more could pick any available pair from that collection. Very soon, people were filling our IG DM's with messages. 
We started with 30 earrings and a goal of raising $750. While we didn't give away all 30 pairs, we received donation receipts totaling an amount of $940!! (scroll for full breakdown)

October Mutual Aid Efforts

Later in the year, we wanted to do more mutual aid work, but a little differently. This time, 1 organization was selected as the beneficiary, A.B.O. Comix--an abolitionist group amplifying the art of Queer prisoners. 
All month long, we shared info about the great work A.B.O. is doing and put out the same calls to DM us donation receipts in exchange for earrings. This time around though, no one donated (to our knowledge at least). 
receipts or it didn't happen. In October, we donated $110 to ABO ComixBummed, but committed to do more, we ran a raffle at the end of the month benefitting A.B.O. Comix. For a $5 entry (paid directly to Dru on Venmo), folks could enter for a chance to win a free earring commission. All in all $55 in raffle tickets were sold, so we matched that amount and donated $110 to A.B.O. 

Mutual Aid Moving Forward

While we tried the donation models above for maximum transparency, it became more complicated than expected to direct followers to our site and donation pages at the same time. 
Moving forward, we're going to streamline all these pieces, or try to at least. Instead of splitting everyone's already limited attention, we're committing to donating 10% of profits made through this site specifically to Bay Area Women Against Rape*, Oakland's crisis center for survivors of sexual violence and their allies. 
*note the beneficiary may change if the need to support other organizations arises
As we move through the year, we might also run specific promotions to make sure funds are being re-distributed. Join our email list to stay updated on our fundraising efforts throughout the year. We might be trying something new this time next year!

Total funds raised

In 2020, our community has redistributed at total of $1,050.
Here's a break down of the beneficiaries and donations:
TWOCC: $145
GLITS: $30