A few weeks ago, I told myself that I wasn't going to do another product launch until March. I'm not a huge fan of holiday-themed collection and who cares about Valentine's Day anyway? I thought I would use these first 2 months of the year to focus on other facets of my brand. 

Literally HOURS after telling my housemate that I didn't want to do a Valentine's Day line though, it hit me. I had to do something. As I was talking it out, 3 design ideas and a whole ass creative vision for the branding and photoshoot just came to me. Immediately, I became obsessed. 

This is a sex-positive accessory brand after all. How could I not drop at least a couple pieces for V Day?

The V stands for Vulva

The V Day Collection
The day after this vision hit me, I spent 15 hours cranking out clay pieces for 36 pairs of earrings! There was a lot more work to be done past that, but it was clear that that this was my best work yet. The collection centers around 3 body-inspired designs, each with a different story of V Day fantasies:

thirst trap earrings
1) Thirst Trap: The lip earrings are big thirst trap energy. When you put them on, you'll immediately be headed to the kitchen or nearest grocery store to grab the juiciest produce you can find. Next thing you know, dozens of hotties will be sliding into your DMs talking about how delicious YOU looked in the feed eating a cherry.
strip tease earrings

2) Strip tease: These boob earrings are big strip tease energy. As soon as you put them on, you'll be looking up virtual cabaret shows to tune into. Next thing you know, you'll be feeling empowered enough to try yourself, and decide to sign up up for pole dancing lessons in your area. Body positivity is the best kind of slippery slope . . .


V Day Bouquet Earrings3) V Day Bouquet: The vulva earrings are big V Day Bouquet energy. As soon as you put them earrings on, you'll be headed to flower shop to treat yourself (who needs a partner for that, am I right?). Next thing you know, you'll be soaking in a tub full of epsom salts and rose petals. Perfect time for some self-massage . . .


I was so excited though, I couldn't stop the vision there. I also created 2 other designs, Flaming Hearts and Showered With Flowers. These simpler designs are more appropriate for work and also more affordable! 

Tying it all together

The Strip Tease earrings

While I've done photoshoots for products before, this one was different. Mostly, it was just way more elaborate and fun. We created a whole pillow fort in the living room as the setting; bought tons of fruit and sweets and silky fabrics and boas; got roses from newly launched flower shop Flor Gorl. The whole projector and lighting setup was the final element to set the mood. My girlfriend and I wore black bedroom-wear, one of the bright pairs of earrings, and just had fun playing around with the set and camera. 

The Thirst Trap Earrings are great for serving a whole fruit platter

While I didn't shoot this solo, the V Day Collection is not about celebrating romantic partners for the holiday. This line is about owning our bodies, our desires, and our sexuality. It's about being sexy and playful, alone or with partners. It's also about how to create new intimacy and romance during a 11 months of shelter-in-place orders.

While the play scenarios associated with each pair of earrings might not play out as described, I hope the V Day Collection brings some sexual magic into your world. 

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